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Brimstone Brook Battlefield

The runoff from the Dark Lakes region cuts through the south of Laur.

A natural ford in the river makes for easy passage between Nastralund and Upper Bleakwoode, for those who can tolerate the stench from the sulfur quarry nearby.

Build Instructions

Terrain required: x1 Rise of the Valkyrie, x1 Road to the Forgotten Forest.

Brimstone Brook Scenarios


2 Players.

"From the claw of Sylgra Verglimmer: The day had been won. Utgar's operations on the northwestern front were ground to a halt, and we secured enough of his gold to hire an entire flying galleon. That should have been the last we saw of combat until the next mission, but I—as always—was directed to scout ahead on our return trip, all the same. There was always the potential of an ambush, but I knew Utgar's tactical style better than any other. Yes, I must emphasize: Utgar's tactics in particular.

I was far ahead of the group when the ground behind me burst open. Monsters, the likes of which I had never seen, emerged from their hiding holes, separating me from my allies, and attacked. I write this now from the relative safety of a deep crevice, unnoticed by the enemy, able only to watch and hope..."

Goal: Player 1 must escape across the river with 2 Unique Heroes. Player 2 must prevent 2 Unique Heroes from reaching safety.

Setup: Place the Glyphs of Dagmar and Valda power side up as shown.

Two Players: Player 1 drafts or brings a pre-made 500 point army that cannot contain any figures from Revna, Utgar, and Valkrill.

Player 2 drafts or brings a pre-made 400 point army that can contain only figures from Revna and must include Queen Maladrix the Conqueror. If the players are drafting, Player 2 will draft first and must pick and place Queen Maladrix.

Player 1 starts in the Green starting zone. Player 2 starts in the Orange starting zone. Player 2's Queen Maladrix starts on the spaces marked Yellow.

Special Rules: In preparation for this ambush, Revna has lain a mystical trap in the ground that distorts the nearby space. Whenever a figure enters the battlefield under Player 1's control due to any special power, Player 1 must place that figure on any empty space in the Green starting zone.


Additionally, because it is unlikely that Player 1's army spots the enemy before they reveal themselves, add 8 to Player 2's initiative roll for the first round only.

Victory: Player 1 wins if, at the end of any round, Player 1 controls 2 or more Unique Heroes occupying any spaces in the Blue escape zone. Player 2 wins if Player 1 has 1 or fewer Unique Hero in their army that is not destroyed.

If the game reaches the end of round 6, the player with the most points wins the game. Player 1's Unique Heroes and Player 2's Queen Maladrix count for twice as many points as listed on their cards.

Read aloud if Player 1 wins: "From the claw of Sylgra Verglimmer: The ford, by all means, was the perfect place to stage an ambush, but we managed to continue onward. Although both sides took losses, I consider this a victory for the Alliance—and a source of troubling news. The opponents flew no banners, but I know they were not Utgar's forces. Every maneuver they made, both in preparation and during battle, was entirely unlike his. We seem to have acquired a piece of torn-off armor during the struggle, and the design on its surface clearly bears the emblem of Revna, Archkyrie of Laur. A new enemy."

Read aloud if Player 2 wins: "From the claw of Sylgra Verglimmer: I knew their names. Some were even my friends. And I stayed back and watched them die. My orders were clear: The intel must make it back to General Jandar, even if I must walk the path of a spineless coward in order to deliver it. I have committed to memory the combat abilities of our new foe, and the epitaph they wrote with the blood of my comrades. Perhaps Thormun will be able to translate it; perhaps this will not be a total failure."



2 Players.

An unseasonal heat wave is sweeping the area. The fumes of burning sulfur drift lazily downwind to the ford of Brimstone Brook, where an ill-timed clash between two armies will have to struggle not just to defeat one another, but also just to breathe.

Goal: Destroy all of your opponent's figures.

Setup: Place the Glyph of Quillivon power side up as shown. [Glyph of Quillivon: Temporary Glyph (Extra Movement). Choose any 3 of your figures. You may move each of the chosen figures up to 6 spaces.]

Two Players: Each player drafts or brings a pre-made 450 point army. Player 1 starts in the Red starting zone. Player 2 starts in the Green starting zone.

Special Rules: Fumes from a nearby sulfur mine have flooded this region. The river washes those fumes downstream, making the water spaces marked in Blue safe from its effects. At the end of each round, each player rolls the d20 for Fumes Damage in initiative order. Beginning on round 2, add 2 more to the roll each round, reaching a maximum of +10 from round 6 onward. If you roll a 1-11, nothing happens. If you roll a 12-17, inflict 1 wound to any enemy figure not on a water space marked in Blue. If you roll an 18-20, inflict 2 wounds instead.

Victory: If the other player has no figures left on the battlefield, you win. If the game reaches the end of round 8, after rolling for Fumes Damage, the player with the most points wins the game. Heroes on water spaces marked in Blue count for twice as many points as listed on their card.


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