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The Book of Ticalla Titan

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Ticalla Titan
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Ticalla Titan
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The figure used is Beetle Hulk from Dragon Trapper's Lodge. Print at 100% scale. Large double base.

Bio: A Titanic Snare

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Written by Anitar.

A massive creature once roamed the area around Montiqua Ledge, effortlessly wading through the Deadly Wall of Water that ruined everything else in its path. For this, it was known as the Montiquan Giant.

A vicious creature once staked out the old ruins of Feldspar, mercilessly gobbling up whatever unfortunates happened to cross its path. For this, it was known as the Predator of the Pass.

An ebon-shelled creature once made its home in the deepest, foulest depths of the swamp. Few ever saw it, and fewer still knew what it was doing. But it was always lurking, always watching, and they knew it as the Shadow of Xualtiaca.

Most people who hear of these stories take them at face value, understanding that this world is full of monsters we know so little about. But the wise—

"—know that they're full of crock," interrupted Jofa of Lindesfarme. "We haven't seen the monsters because they aren't there!"

"The wise believe that these are all the same creature," continued Callas of the Moon Tribe, "and there is only one Titan of the Ticalla Jungle. Aquilla wouldn't have given us this mission if she didn't agree."

"Yeah? And which of her bugs has she been listening to this time? One of those itty-bitty things that think everyone's a giant?"

The ground trembled. "Believe what you wish, Jofa," Callas sighed. The ground shook. "But if you just discount everything that other people say..." The ground quaked. "...You'll find yourself unprepared when it matters most."

A monster of an insect burst forth from the trees, its many eyes darting around to pinpoint its quarry. Callas soared deftly out of the way, while Jofa froze in place from shock. The beast tore forward, charging through him with a sickening crunch as though it didn't even notice him. It was fixated solely on the bait that the two kyrie had set—a convincing replica of a fellow apex predator, which it smashed to a pulp with blow after relentless blow, even as the jungle floor gave way beneath its feet.

Callas descended to the ground to take stock of the situation. The Ticalla Titan was firmly trapped with a Glyph of Proftaka; she could tell its wings were far too small to carry it out of the pit. This should be a triumphant moment; but narrow-minded fool or no, Jofa was still her companion, and his injuries were severe. One thing at a time, she figured; the Titan would still be stuck when she was ready to bring it to Aquilla.



Range Special. Attack 4.

Instead of moving and attacking normally with the Ticalla Titan, you may move the Titan up to 5 spaces. You may not move through any large or huge figures. After moving, roll attack dice once for all figures passed through that turn. Each figure rolls defense dice separately. Defending figures never have height advantage against Trampling Charge.


When rolling attack dice for a normal attack against a large or huge figure, the Ticalla Titan always adds 1 automatic skull to whatever is rolled.


The Ticalla Titan can move through small and medium figures.



[Predator] Can be activated by Fyorlag Spiders' Predator Bonding.

[VC] [Insect Hero] Can be activated by Amberhive Protectors' Insect Strategic Bonding.

[VC] [Insect Hero] Enables Amberhive Protectors' Sacrificial Sting Special Attack.


[Wild] Is susceptible to Otonashi's Attack the Wild 2.

Painting Tutorial

By RogueScaper.


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