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The Book of Volgrun Sureshot

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Volgrun Cards
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Volgrun Icons
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The figure used is Dwarf Space Colonial Incinerator from Papsikels. Print at 100%. Single base. Download icon files above and print at 100%.

Bio: Silver and Gold

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Written by Anitar

In one of Aquilla's army encampments, Volgrun Sureshot fiddled with his machinery with the fervor of a man possessed, so engrossed in perfecting his latest design that he didn't notice his audience of one.


Volgrun looked up from his work to see the dwarf he knew to be his distant ancestor, shifted through time by the power of the wellsprings. "...Migol. News about the troop deployments, is it?"

"Not this time. I realize I haven't... taken the time to get to know you, exactly. As a person, and as my own blood... But perhaps it's not too late to change that. I was hoping you might tell me about your work, so I could understand what it is that you're so passionate about."

That lit a fire within Volgrun, his resting scowl changing into a wide smile. "Is that so? Wonderful! Well, I can do better than just telling you; I can show you. Prepare to feast your eyes!"

He quickly inserted a few more screws and double-checked the calibration before hoisting the double-barreled gun he'd been hard at work on. "The Proportion Contortion Cannon! If I did this right—and that's something you can bet on—then it's the first functional macro-scale Embiggenatrix in the worlds, but thrice as versatile as the IPE and with the range of a good phaserifle. Trust me, you're going to love it."

Migol nodded along. He knew what several of those words meant.

"And over here," Volgrun continued, "is the test subject. It looks like an ordinary fox—and that's because it is; having a proper control is crucial in engineering. Now, without further ado...!"

He honed his gun on the fox, which grew to a gargantuan size in a flash of orange light, and began looking around in apparent confusion.

"Behold: A far bigger target! Staring down a beast like that really gets the old adrenaline flowing; the potential is limitless! See, there are these two elementary particles that determine the size of everything. They have technical names, but I just call them biggons and smallons. Now, just like that, every smallon in the fox's body has been transformed—"

"It's escaping!" Migol interrupted. The fox, with its longer legs, was finding little difficulty in stepping over the fence of its enclosure.

Volgrun grimaced. "Quick, push it back in there! I'll have to fire the Cannon in reverse this time!" He flipped a switch on the gun and pointed the barrel directly at himself, with the grip aimed at the fox instead.

With a flash of blue light, the fox shrank to the size of a mouse... and squeezed itself between the pickets of the fence, and sprinted back into the wild.

"...The experiment was a success, at least. I just have to add a friendliness detector so the target can't exploit the changes so easily. Lesson learned." With barely a moment of rest, Volgrun set to scrounging up more new materials scattered across his workbench. "Well, that's what I've been doing—the fun part, anyway. How about you? What sort of things have you made?"

Migol eagerly drew his warhammer and presented it to Volgrun. "Feast your eyes!"



When attacking with Volgrun, all skulls rolled count for one additional hit.


If Volgrun attacks a huge figure and no skulls are rolled, he may attack one additional time.


After Volgrun attacks, if at least 1 skull is rolled and the defending figure is not destroyed, you may place either a Small Icon or Huge Icon under the defending figure's base until the end of the round. An opponent's figure with that Icon is considered to be that size for any special powers on Army Cards you control.



Altering opponents' effective sizes with Proportion Contortion Cannon can help/hinder the following powers:

  • Air Elemental: [Swirling Vortex]

  • Arkmer: [Engagement Strike 13]

  • Black Wyrmling: [Fledgling Acid Breath]

  • Braxas: [Poisonous Acid Breath]

  • Deadeye Dan: [Ullar Enhanced Rifle Special Attack]

  • Deathstalkers: [Maul]

  • Deepwyrm Drow: [Poison Weapons]

  • Drow Chainfighter: [Chain Grab]

  • First Officer Bok-Bur-Na: [Intimidate]

  • Fyorlag Spiders: [Entangling Web]

  • Gladiatrons: [Cyberclaw]

  • Grimnak: [Chomp]

  • Imperator Kayne: [Stomp 8]

  • Iron Lich Viscerot: [Dismissive Strider]

  • James Murphy: [Whip 12]

  • Jotun: [Throw]

  • Knight Primus Adelbern: [Crushing Blow]

  • Major X17: [Improved Cyberclaw]

  • Me-Burq-Sa: [Paralyzing Stare 16]

  • Nakita Agents: [Engagement Strike 15]

  • Necrotech Wraithriders: [Chain Grab 9]

  • Pelloth: [Lolth's Wrath Special Attack]

  • Rechets of Bogdan: [Lethal Sting]

  • Retiarius: [Net Trip 14]

  • Shiori: [Shuriken Special Attack]

  • Shurrak: [Knockback 14]

  • Sir Denrick: [Giant Killer]

  • Slatescale Direworms: [Undermine]

  • Templar Cavalry: [Dismiss the Rabble]

  • The Axegrinders of Burning Forge: [Fearless Advantage]

  • Ticalla Titan: all special powers

  • Tor-Kul-Na: [Trample Stomp]

  • Torin: [Battleaxe]

  • Volgrun Sureshot: [Size Up]

  • Vrono the Brambletoth: [Drag Along 3]

  • Warden 816: [Evisceraxe Special Attack]

  • Warforged Soldiers: [Tactical Switch]

  • Wo-Sa-Ga: [Coil Crush]

  • Wolves of Badru: [Pounce Special Attack]

  • Wyvern: [Talon Grab]

  • Zombies of Morindan: [Zombies Rise Again]

  • [VC] Achillean Gladiatrix: [Skewer]

  • [VC] Arashara Goshiri: [Shifting Sands]

  • [VC] Arthur of Sherwood: [Passing Blow]

  • [VC] Ashi-Dhulu: [Devour from Beneath]

  • [VC] Asterios: [Furious Charge Special Attack] and [Legendary Creature 3]

  • [VC] Augamo: [Ramming 6]

  • [VC] Bahadur: [Easy Prey]

  • [VC] Bol: [Ankle Shank]

  • [VC] Boreos: [Vortex Pull] and [Swirling Vortex]

  • [VC] Breach: [Long Strides]

  • [VC] Brontos: [Abduct]

  • [VC] Chen Tang: [Quivering Palm]

  • [VC] Clawfoot Interceptor: [Claw Grab]

  • [VC] Darkprowl Thrall: [Pounce Special Attack]

  • [VC] Heracles: all special powers

  • [VC] Hoplitron: [Shield Push]

  • [VC] Kha: [Poison Weapons]

  • [VC] Kozil: [Crushing Grasp 15]

  • [VC] Major J15: [Breaching Scythe]

  • [VC] Marutuk: all special powers

  • [VC] Motley Max: [Dread Chain Grab 6] and [Engagement Strike 14]

  • [VC] Nicholas Esenwein: [Bloodborn Rising]

  • [VC] Otar: [Gore and Toss 7]

  • [VC] Pel the Hill Giant: [Heavy Axe]

  • [VC] Priscus: [Grapple Special Attack]

  • [VC] Shadow Binder: [Tentacle Grab 8]

  • [VC] Siiv: [Quick Stab Special Attack]

  • [VC] Swaysil: [Run Down]

  • [VC] Tetraites: [Spiked Gauntlet 14] and [Finishing Blow]

  • [VC] Zombie Hulk: [Zombie Rises Again]


[Dwarf Hero] Can be activated by the Axegrinders of Burning Forge's Dwarven Strategic Bonding.

[Soldier] Can be boosted by Marcus Decimus Gallus's Soldier Leadership.

[Soldier] Can be boosted by Marcus Decimus Gallus's Soldier Attack Enhancement.

[Soldier] Can be deployed by Air Marshal Zed Nesbitt's Clockwork Carrier.

[VC] [Soldier] Can be boosted by Gen. Simon Fraser's Prepare the Charge.


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