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Revna's Journal 2

By Alexandros

Revna's Journal 2

Circa 78WE [Wellspring Era], approximately three months prior to the Age of Annihilation.

I met with Seyna again, in secret. It is the only avenue for meetings that we are afforded. It feels like tensions are higher than they've ever been in Valhalla with the arrival, and my nobility seems to come with more burdens than blessings. Coming from a family as wealthy as mine means my safety is a priority to those in power—but why should it be, any more than any other inhabitant of Laur?

I yearn for peace for my people. I yearn for their happiness, and their security. In truth, I often wonder if I really care who reigns supreme over Valhalla, as long as Laur—and its peoples'—sovereignty is maintained.

The bickering. The squalor. The endless violence. Were I not so exhausted, I would feel apathetic to the whole affair.

These meetings with Seyna, though… they bring clarity. I find her views to be valuable, and our conversations to be challenging, yet rewarding. Seyna is right when she says that the nobles of Laur would never allow themselves to be seen treating a commoner as an intellectual equal, or a worthy conversational partner, of their own volition.

They don't know what they're missing. I wish they could experience what I do. How I feel when I am by Seyna's side. The things I see walking the village streets, disguised with her, pretending to be anybody else. Perhaps, had they had those experiences, the lives of commoners would not be so freely spent.

I look forward to seeing her again tomorrow


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