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The Book of Air Marshal Zed Nesbitt

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Zed Nesbitt ZIP
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The model used for the blimp is Dwarf Flying Zeppelin from Alex Guillen. Print at 45% scale. Large double base. The figure used for Zed is Stantz Spirit Buster from Broken Anvil Miniatures. Print at 100% scale. Single base.

CONCEPT UNIT: This unit was designed for an as-of-then-released Age of Annihilation figure. Organizers for Heroscape events that allow NGC figures may choose to specify whether Concept Units are legal to play in that event.

Bio: Don't Let The Fear of Falling Keep You From Flying

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Age of Annihilation Designer's Notes.

Air Marshal Zed Nesbitt is a living legend among the Vorid people, not simply for his keen eyes and skills as a talented sharpshooter, but for his almost uncanny ability to survive his signature “strategically inspired rapid descents to the surface” flying maneuvers in his custom engineered war dirigible. Quick to capitalize on Zed Nesbitt’s utter fearlessness in combat, and amazing knack for being at just the right place, at just the right moment, many Clockwork Combine jump infantry are quick to volunteer to hitch a ride with the Air Marshal, engaging where the carnage is heaviest. Bringing fangs, claws, and death from above.



At the start of the game, place up to 6 non-huge Soldier, Ursine, and/or Vorid figures in your army onto Nesbitt's Army Card. After moving normally and attacking with Nesbitt, you may place up to 2 of those figures from Nesbitt's Army Card onto empty spaces that he passed over this turn.


[Keyword]. When counting spaces for Air Marshal Zed Nesbitt’s movement, ignore elevations. Zed Nesbitt may fly over water without stopping, pass over figures without becoming engaged, and fly over obstacles such as ruins. When Zed Nesbitt starts to fly, if he is engaged he will not take any leaving engagement attacks.



[Soldier / Ursine / Vorid + Non-Huge] Clockwork Carrier can deploy the following:

  • 10th Regiment of Foot

  • 4ᵗʰ Massachusetts Line

  • Airborne Elite

  • Captain America

  • Roman Legionnaires

  • Sacred Band

  • Sgt. Drake Alexander (RotV)

  • Sgt. Drake Alexander (SotM)

  • The Einar Imperium

  • Warforged Soldiers

  • Frostclaw Paladins

  • Knight Adjuctor Oberon

  • Knight Primus Adelbern

  • Ordo Borealis

  • Vorid Burrowbreaker

  • Vorid Glide Strikers

  • Wing Commander Tuck Harrigan

  • Oathbound Legionnaires

  • [VC] 12th Caucasus Rifles

  • [VC] 20th Maine Volunteers

  • [VC] 8th Infantry Pathfinder

  • [VC] Capt. John Varan

  • [VC] Cathar Spearmen

  • [VC] Jarek Guy

  • [VC] Kursus

  • [VC] Morgan's Riflemen

  • [VC] Red Ants of Aunstrom

  • [VC] Rendar Fy


[Volarak Champion] Can be activated by Frostclaw Paladins' Noble Champion Bonding.


[Flying] Is susceptible to Air Elemental's Air Mastery.

[Flying] Is susceptible to Brandis Skyhunter's Sky Watcher.

[Flying] Is susceptible to Glyph of Rannveig (Wind).


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