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The Book of Day la Pucelle

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Day La Pucelle
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The figure used is Magitek Empire Jeanne D'Arc from Labyrinth Models. Print at 100% scale. Single base.

Bio: The Last Battle of Day la Pucelle

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Written by Caesar.

Hear now friends of Day la Pucelle’s story

the fearless Maid, with courage and glory

She charged headfirst into heated battle,

Her voice carrying o'er the steels rattle

"Press On! The enemy will know justice!

our vict'ry is guaranteed by auspice!"

Her cry went out and the line surged forwards

In defense of home there'd be no cowards

When any man fell, she rushed to their aid

All but Day, lived to the end of the raid

A poison'd dart to the back seald her fate

But the conflict was won, the deed too late.

Pucelle's body was never to be found;

That field is now treated as hallowed ground

For it is here, as the stories have said,

Where she was taken, too bold to stay dead.



When attacking an opponent's figure that was unengaged at the start of the turn, Day la Pucelle rolls 2 additional attack dice.


Each time a figure you control adjacent to Day who follows Jandar receives enough wounds to be destroyed from an opponent's figure, you may roll the d20. If you roll an 11 or higher, ignore all wounds that figure received and inflict one wound to Day.



[Jandar Champion] Can be activated by Frostclaw Paladins' Noble Champion Bonding.

[Human Champion] Can be activated by Knights of Weston's Human Champion Bonding.

[Human Champion] Can be chosen for MacDirk Warriors' Highland Fury.

[Human Champion] Can be activated by MacDirk Warriors' Human Champion Bonding.

[VC] [Unique Hero Medium d20] Is eligible for Myrddin's Mystic Sacrifice.

Painting Tutorial

By RogueScaper.


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