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The Book of Girushia Grove Keeper

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The figure used is Blight from Hexy Studio. Print at 120% scale. Large single base.

CONCEPT UNIT: This unit was designed for an as-of-then-released Age of Annihilation figure. Organizers for Heroscape events that allow NGC figures may choose to specify whether Concept Units are legal to play in that event.

Bio: A Force of Nature to Be Reckoned With

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Age of Annihilation Designer's Notes.

On their home planet of Arboreas, Grove Keepers protect and defend the Dryan Lifeborne Order’s most sacred sites, guarding them from those seeking to defile these places of mystical energy. On Valhalla, Volarak uses Girushia Grove Keeper as a living wall of razor sharp thorns as large as a man’s arm, and vines as thick as tree trunks, to deny enemy movements on the battlefield. Though they may try to chop their way through the wicked tangle of pain that Girushia places in front of her opponents, she can call upon the raw natural lifeforce of nearby plants to regrow her massive form faster than the axe blade or the torch flame can bite and burn her flesh away.



Whenever an opponent's figure that is engaged with Girushia leaves its current space, you may roll the d20. If you roll an 11 or higher, that figure receives a wound. You may roll for Thorned Morass only once for each figure each turn.


After taking a turn with Girushia, if she did not move this turn, or is adjacent to a tree or bush, you may remove a wound marker from her Army Card.



[Beast] Can be activated by Arrow Gruts' Beast Bonding.

[Beast] Can be healed by Chana the Zenithwing's Renew 12.

[Beast] Can be protected by Onshu the Welkineye's Future Sight.

[Beast + Medium] Can be activated by Ewashia, Mistress of Tides's Command Familiar.

[Beast + Medium] Can be activated by Haluchott, Corruptor of Beasts's Command of the Wild.

[Beast + Medium] Can be activated by Halushia, Scion of the Wild's Command Familiar.

[Beast + Medium] Can be activated by Marachott, Mind Whisperer's Command Familiar.

[Beast + Medium] Can be activated by Raakchott, Desecrator of Death's Command Familiar.

[VC] [Unique Hero + Medium d20] Is eligible for Myrddin's Mystic Sacrifice.


[Beast] Is susceptible to Haluchott, Corruptor of Beasts's Calm the Beast.


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