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The Book of Klatzenskoll Nightwalker

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Klatzenskoll Cards
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The figure used is Dead Ringer from Printed Obsession. Print at 75% scale. Large Single Base. Download icon file above and print at 100%.

Bio: For Whom The Bell Tolls

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Written by Dandelions

Let me in. Let me in. Let me in.

When the bells rang from beyond the stars, the world listened. The bells had grown unruly in their chapel, ringing out over a ghost town each time the mortuary claimed another lost soul, and when the flesh from out of space began to enclose them, grow along the walls of their tower, clad rope with tendon and ligament, they rejoiced and rang all the louder.

The priest was the first to go, for he came to ring the bells each day, and what he had seen he could not be allowed ever to speak of. It allowed his corpse to remain intact, and with each ring of the bells ordered it to attention, and sent it out into the worshippers below.

One by one, the town fell, life after life pulled into the thrall of their beautiful song. And when it was silent, they rejoiced. There was no sound now but the bells.

And then there was a flash of violence, of course, and bright glaring lights and the sputter of fire from silver barrels, and a man with all sorts of brilliant little inventions made to silence the bells, and then they were locked away somewhere small and dark, unable to free their body of flesh and sinew and bone. Not able to ring, to sing, to call any dead matter to their aid. They languished in the silence, and they knew they were not the only ones. In the cells beyond them, and the cells beyond those, hundreds of imprisoned glories, waiting, weeping, suffering in their isolation.

One day, thought the bells. One day I will escape, and every watching, poking face that has ever studied us from the other side of that glass, I will torture and ruin and scar. The studious man with the inventions, him I will peel apart, flesh from bone from organ.

I will rule them with my melody. I will take the world with my song.

And then, one night, there was a flash of white light, and the bells were not locked in their tiny cell, but standing in the metal hallway of the facility beyond. The studious man was bent over a device he was working on, and realized his mistake too late. He wanted to walk through the space beyond space, and his device had misfired. The bells pealed for joy, and vanished into darkness as his friends with the little silver guns arrived. I will not kill you now, they thought. Our fun has just begun.

And what fun they had. Wherever he walked, from world to world, he left a ripple in the darkness, a white light burning like a flame, and the Nightwalker followed, each time a little closer. Sometimes a rolling peal of funeral bells in the distance; sometimes a looming shadow. A dozen times it could have killed him, reached out and caught him unawares, but a quick death would have been a gift. No, it thought. I need you to suffer. I need you to fear.

But then, just when they decided to bring the game to an end, he was gone. His blood still stained their fingertips, they could still taste him. But his body had vanished, and a grey fog blanketed the desert. Four bells looked up at the empty desert sky. He had gone somewhere else—somewhere beyond the veil of the darkness entirely. No, they thought. You will not escape me now, not when I am so close. You silenced my song, and now, I will silence yours.

They pursued him through the shadows between worlds, darknesses they had never stalked before, expanses beyond expanses. There was something they had never encountered before; a wall, formidable as time itself. For the first time, it could not follow. It lurked there, tapping, for what felt like eternity.

But it was not a wall without doors. And the weakest, the smallest—a shuddering form on the cold stone floor of a dungeon basement? There was a door ever so slightly ajar.

Let me in, thought the bells, ringing from across time and space.

Fingers, reaching through the door.

Let me in. Let me in. Let me in.



At the start of the game, place a Bells Icon under any opponent's figure. Common and Uncommon terrifying figures you control roll an additional attack die against opponents' figures with a Bells Icon, and may move 3 additional spaces if they would end their move adjacent to one of those figures or Klatzenskoll Nightwalker.


Each time Klatzenskoll Nightwalker receives one or more wounds, you must immediately roll the d20 for each non-terrifying figure within 2 spaces. If you roll a 16 or higher, that figure receives 1 wound. Afterward, you may place the Bells Icon under any opponent's figure within 3 spaces of Klatzenskoll Nightwalker.


Klatzenskoll Nightwalker can move through all figures and is never attacked when leaving an engagement.



[VC][Hunter] Enables Makwa Tribesman's Hunt of the Makwa.

[Common/Uncommon Terrifying] For Whom the Bell Tolls can boost the following:

  • Mind Flayer Mastermind

  • Shades of Bleakwoode

  • Slatescale Direworms

  • Zombies of Morindan

  • [VC] Bloodburst Thrall

  • [VC] Shadow Binder

  • [VC] Shadow Fiend

  • [VC] Shadow Hound

  • [VC] Skeletons of Annellintia

  • [VC] Specters of Aldorn

  • [VC] Zombie Hulk


[VC][Undead d20] Deathly Chimes can be boosted by Crypt Guardian's Curse of the Mummy.

[VC][Hunter] Can be boosted by Arktos's Hunter Attack Enhancement.


[VC][Undead d20] Deathly Chimes can be penalized by Van Nessing's Holy Relic.


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