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The Book of Oathbound Phalanx

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Oathbound Phalanx
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The figure used is Modified Free Alien Bug from Dyspare. Print at 100% scale. Large single base.

CONCEPT UNIT: This unit was designed for an as-of-then-released Age of Annihilation figure. Organizers for Heroscape events that allow NGC figures may choose to specify whether Concept Units are legal to play in that event.

Bio: A Living Tide of Death and Destruction

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Age of Annihilation Developer's Notes.

The Oathbound are the Nemesis War Brood’s vanguard shock troops, rushing ahead of the main attack force to overwhelm defenses and locate weaknesses to exploit during the main advance.

Their adaptive strategies allow them to modify their unit composition based on real-time assessments of the enemy, sometimes spreading out across the battlefield as smaller units of Oathbound Legionnaires, swarming across and over the battlefield, to engage multiple adversaries, distracting them form the Nemesis War Brood reinforcements close behind.

Other times, the Oathbound will gather together into an Oathbound Phalanx, placing their sheer weight in numbers together against a single weak point and shatter their opposition in a massive hammer blow of razor sharp teeth and deathly talons.



The Oathbound Phalanx does not start the game on the battlefield. It must be formed on the battlefield by Oathbound Legionnaires.


For the whole game, after revealing an Order Marker on the Oathbound Phalanx, you may immediately take a turn with your Oathbound Legionnaires.


Each time the Oathbound Phalanx receives one or more wounds, you must ignore those wounds and place an Oathbound Legionnaire from this Army Card onto a same-level or lower adjacent space, or destroy it. If there are no remaining Legionnaires on this Army Card afterward, the Phalanx is destroyed.



Can be placed and empowered by Oathbound Legionnaires' Form Up.

Break Apart can respawn Oathbound Legionnaires.

Oathbound Bonding can activate Oathbound Legionnaires.


[Soldier] Is buffed by Marcus Decimus Gallus's Soldier Attack Enhancement.

[Soldier] Is buffed by Marcus Decimus Gallus's Soldier Leadership.

[VC] [Terrifying] Is buffed by Ataraxis the Starlich's Terror Enhancement Field.

[VC] [Soldier] Can be buffed by Gen. Simon Fraser's Prepare the Charge.


When using Break Apart, do multiple wounds only remove one Oathbound Legionnaire figure from the Army Card, or is it one for each wound?


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