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Thormun's War Journal 74

By Rudeus, Alexandros, Dandelions.

Thormun's War Journal 74

Circa 68WE [Wellspring Era]

Today at long last, three of the allied Valkyrie met face-to-face for the first time. I was allowed to attend the meeting as a servant of Jandar, a chronicler of history, and a Valkyrie in my own right. Of course, Einar and Aquilla did not attend as they were too far away from us, cut off by Utgar’s hordes and natural hazards. The issue of how we should coordinate with them given these factors was the first topic of discussion among those in attendance.

Jandar and Ullar both speculated that the power of the Wellsprings that grants visions of the future could perhaps be harnessed to send messages to fellow Valkyrie in the past, but neither could point to any evidence that such an idea may ever be practical. They debated and pondered about it for some time, and only when they had exhausted themselves contemplating the magic of the Wellsprings and how they might be used for communication did the Archkyrie Vydar, silent throughout the meeting up until then, lean forward in his chair and speak.

“You waste your time with this line of thought. The Wellsprings grant us many things, but do not mistakenly assume that we have any real command over them. I see the paths of the future more clearly than you, and I see no path in which the Wellsprings give without taking more. Before relying on their power, we must first consider other alternatives.”

Vydar then proposed that the various members of the alliance start to build their naval technology and take control of the seas. I have seen visions in other worlds of nations that became mighty through such power. The idea of focusing our efforts toward the oceans of Valhalla never appealed to any Valkyrie before. We have all been fighting over the land, yet now that we intend to cooperate, the ability to bypass Utgar’s blockaded land routes and reinforce each other by ship seems a far higher priority than ever before.

Indeed, I can see no fault in the idea save the amount of time and effort it will take to implement, difficulties that can be mitigated to some extent by summoning experts in naval technology and warfare from other worlds. And yet in my heart, I feel a great unease. I cannot pretend to like or trust Vydar. With every word he speaks and move he makes, I sense no desire to cooperate but rather paranoia and secrets. Every time he speaks or does not speak, it feels calculated, as though he’s looking far into the future and making moves far in advance.

I do not know what benefit he could possibly gain from suggesting we expand this war that has plagued Valhalla out beyond the continent and into the raging oceans, but I feel there is some deeper motive at work. Yet I cannot object to the idea for I have no logical reason to. I have seen neither vision nor evidence of treachery, and the immediate need outweighs this unease.

I can only hope that I am overthinking things. Perhaps it is not Vydar, who has perhaps more reason than any other Archkyrie to see Utgar vanquished, but I who has become paranoid. The formation of this alliance should give me a hope greater than any since this accursed war began: a belief that with our combined power, we can end Utgar’s rampage, set aside petty differences, and walk together into an age of peace. And yet I am still consumed by the dreams of the Wellspring and the wolf, of seeing myself drinking blood reflected in its eyes. This omen disturbs me greatly, and I am deprived of sleep because of it. I am tired. I'm so very tired, and full of fear.

I fear for my sanity should this war continue much longer. I fear that this war will expand without end, across land and ocean and whatever lies beyond. I fear that this bloodshed will not end until the soil is drenched and the rivers run red. I fear that the Valhalla we knew is already lost.


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