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The Age of Annihilation Codex

Heroscape: Age of Annihilation - Vanguard Edition was planned with a release of five new factions and over sixty figures. Although the HasLab campaign concluded without meeting its funding goal, almost all of the official cards were released to the Heroscape community, and we set out to make these figures accessible and playable at your game table.


Now that it's been confirmed that Age of Annihilation, and every unit revealed by Avalon Hill, will finally see daylight under Renegade Games Studios in 2024, we strongly endorse supporting the future of Heroscape by buying official Age of Annihilation minis from your local game store. We leave this list of proxy models intact in the interim, so that you can begin playing Age of Annihilation armies early in preparation for the official release.

The Clockwork Combine

Frostclaw Paladins [Click for Master Side][Click for Basic Side]

Polar Bear Paladins from Epic Miniatures

Imperator Kayne [Click for Master Side][Click for Basic Side]:

All-Terrain Argus Scout Walker from Factorum Labs

Ren the Bouncer from Caleb Makes Minis (Optional for open hatch modifications.)

Knight Adjuctor Oberon [Click for Card]:

Vauri, Werebear Form from Crippled God Foundry 

Knight Primus Adelbern [Click for Card]:

War Bear from Primal Collectibles (Print at 90%)

Ordo Borealis [Click for Card]:

Uplifted Bear Soldier from Print Paint Play

Cyberpunk Space Bear from Papsikels (Print at 110%)

Cyber Bear Oio from Papsikels (Print at 110%)

Wing Commander Tuck Harrigan [Click for Card]:

Custom Model from Heroforge

Vorid Burrowbreaker [Click for Card]:

Molekin Technomancer from Broken Anvil Miniatures

The Dawn Raider Syndicate

Admiral EJ-1M [Click for Card]:

Custom Model from Heroforge

Cornelius Breech, the Derelict Prince [Click for Card]:

Custom Model from Heroforge

Crimson Widow [Click for Card]:

Custom Model from Heroforge

Dorim the Bulkhead Brawler [Click for Card]:

Battle Smith from Printed Obsession

Dreadnauts of New Tortuga [Click for Card]:

Shark with Spear from Stanislav Kuznetsov

Batu Varanan Fighter from Dragon Trapper's Lodge

Female Dragonborn Fighter from Stonehaven Miniatures

Exiles of the Sundered Sea [Click for Card]:

Captain Swift Crew Pack from Print Minis

Fia Bonny, the Void Siren [Click for Card]:

Captain Swift Crew Pack from Print Minis (Helmet with visor option).

First Officer Bok-Bur-Na [Click for Card]:

Custom Model from Heroforge

Killian Vane III [Click for Card]:

Custom Model from Heroforge

Knaves of the Silver Scimitar [Click for Card]:

Jet-Biker Raiders from DakkaDakkaStore

The Dryan Lifeborne Order

Chana the Zenithwing [Click for Card]:

Phoenix Bird from Shinokez

Halushia, Scion of the Wild [Click for Card]:

Whispering Forest Centaur from Monolith Arts

Kita the Springrunner [Click for Card]:

Spirit Wolf from Roleplaying & Miniatures

Marachott, Mind Whisperer [Click for Card]:

Dryad From Spriggan from Beren777

Raakchott, Desecrator of Death [Click for Card]:

Lord of the Roots from Printed Obsession

Xenithrax the Soulweaver [Click for Card]:

Tetzcoatl from Draco Studios

The Ironclad Collective

Hellforge Mandukor [Click for Card]:

Death Roller from Titan Forge Miniatures

Iron Lich Viscerot [Click for Card]:

Quadro-scorpion Pistoleer from DakkaDakkaStore

Necrotech Wraithriders [Click for Card]:

The Iron Acolytes from Print Minis

Scavorith, Lord of Ruin [Click for Card]:

The Cyberpede from The Dork Factory


The Nemesis War Brood

Festering Honor Guard [Click for Card]:

Deep Hive Centipede Larvas from OshounaMinis

Queen Maladrix the Conqueror [Click for Card]:

Res'Ai Crawlers from CastnPlay

Thyraxis Dragoon [Click for Card]:

Erroish Chief Desert Rider from Print Minis

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