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The Book of Asli the Hornrender

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Asli Cards
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The figure used is Jackalope from Bella Nacht Minis. Print at 75% scale. Single base.

Bio: Forest Magic

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Written by Alexandros.

"Look," Yugnak whispered. She turned to her hunting companion, Somnak, and gestured towards the creature in the clearing.

"Strange rabbit," replied Somnak. "Easy prey."

Yugnak wasn't sure. The landscape of Valhalla was full of surprises, but this creature was unlike any rabbit Yugnak had ever seen. It had matted, dark gray fur. Its blue, piercing eyes had a subtle glow. Yugnak's attention was drawn to its purple antlers, shimmering like the stars above. This thought alarmed her.

"A rabbit? With antlers?"

"Forest magic." The Somnak drew an arrow from his quiver, preparing to nock it. "Bet it cooks up nice."

Yugnak was not convinced. "Forest magic? Too dangerous to trifle with." She put her bow away, ready to move on in search of other prey. The smell of salt permeated the dampened air.

"Sounds like rabbit just for me then, eh?" Somnak quietly chuckled to himself. Yugnak started to move on. Somnak pulled the drawstring, and steadied his aim. As he took a breath and prepared to let his arrow fly, the creature turned its head and made eye contact.

Thwip. The arrow flung through the air, meeting its target—or so Yugnak thought, watching from the corner of her eye. All Yugnak heard was the sound of an arrow lodging in the verdant moss below, as she turned to observe what had happened. The creature had moved, as if by magic, to the other side of the clearing.

Yugnak took a moment to consider what she had witnessed. Before a warning could escape her lips, a torrent of water burst towards Somnak, slamming him against the tree like a ragdoll.

From behind the tree, a much larger creature arose, slithering towards the companion with its mass of tentacles. "Dryans," Yugnak thought. "Forest magic." She turned and ran as far as his legs could carry her. "Too dangerous to trifle with."



When determining range and/or sight for a normal or special attack or special power for a Wizard you control, you may choose to count spaces from Asli's location and use Asli's Target Point. Asli is never affected by any attack or power that uses Space Rift.


Instead of moving Asli normally, you may place it on any empty space within 4 spaces of its current location. Asli does not take leaving engagement attacks when using Warp Hop.



[Wizard] Space Rift can relocate normal/special attacks and specified special powers of the following:

  • Acolarh: [Leaf of the Home Tree Aura] and [Ullar's Amulet]

  • Arkmer: [Staff of Lerkintin] and [Engagement Strike 13]

  • Chardris

  • Emirroon: [Elven Summoning Spell]

  • Erevan Sunshadow: and [Fey Step]

  • Ewashia, Mistress of Tides

  • Haluchott, Corruptor of Beasts

  • Halushia, Scion of the Wild

  • Heirloom: [Mage Hand]

  • Jorhdawn

  • Kyntela Gwyn: [Strength of Oak Aura 1]

  • Marachott, Mind Whisperer: [Marachott's Whisper]

  • Morsbane: [Rod of Negation]

  • Raakchott, Desecrator of Death: [Consume the Dead]

  • Ulginesh: [Mind Link]

  • [VC] Haduc: [Aegis of the Crimson Sigil]

  • [VC] Myrddin: [Mystic Sacrifice]

  • [VC] Talingul: [Master of Great Constructs]


[Beast] Can be activated by Arrow Gruts' Beast Bonding.

[Beast] Can be healed by Chana the Zenithwing's Renew 12.

[Beast] Can be boosted by Onshu the Welkineye's Future Sight.

[Beast Small] Can be activated by Ewashia, Mistress of Tides's Command Familiar.

[Beast Small] Can be activated by Haluchott, Corruptor of Beasts's Command of the Wild.

[Beast Small] Can be activated by Halushia, Scion of the Wild's Command Familiar.

[Beast Small] Can be activated by Marachott, Mind Whisperer's Command Familiar.

[Beast Small] Can be activated by Raakchott, Desecrator of Death's Command Familiar.


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