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The Book of Cryptain Agents

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Cryptain Cards
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The figure used is City Watch Police Enforcers from Print Minis. Print at 100% scale. 3x Single base.

Bio: Countermeasures

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Written by Shiftrex

The screen flickered and the speakers popped loudly.

“Blue Leader, come in.”

“Blue Leader present, send instructions.”

A grizzled man in a sat in a dimly lit room. He wore a black shirt and a light gray tie that was barely hanging around his neck. Unshaven with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, he feverishly turned pages in the reference books that littered his desk. He held one finger down on a transmission button for the radio.

“Keep two people on that instrument to pick up radiation. If it spikes, fall back immediately and create a perimeter around the location.” He glanced at the rows of monitors. “Engage as last resort. I repeat. Do not shoot.”

“Roger. Out.”

The man at the desk sighed. The monitors displayed the remnants of an abandoned science facility from the perspective of several agents on the ground. The viewpoints shook and bounced as the detainment team advanced through a lobby. Past an open elevator shaft. Then finally, into a high-tech room full of circuit boards, robotic arms, and dozens of computers that had lost power.

He flipped a few pages muttering to himself, “Standard body armor. Impact dispersion. Adaptable chem rounds. Standard electronic transmission platforms. And no back up plan. Let’s hope HR did an accurate assessment this time.”

“It looks like its… melted.” His attention turned back to the screen when he heard the commentary. One of the cameras showed highly polished metal feathers arrayed under a microscope. They looked to be made of steel but their ends were completely red, corroding and turning to dust. “Hey Doc, is this…”

“Expected. Continue mission, move to the next room and search for readings. High alert.” The man ordered. He sat back in the chair and sorted through a messy stack of files with bright red labels on them that read INDUSTRIAL COUNTERSURVEILLANCE MEASURES. His attention was immediately interrupted. A sharp beeping came in over the speakers. One of the agents in the field identified radiation levels between category 2 and 3, bouncing rapidly.

The agents pulled out rapid dose syringes and stabbed themselves in the arm. Blue Leader came up on the radio, “Administering dose 1. Proceeding with caution into biological research laboratory 2.”

The man in the chair watched wordlessly.

A sliding glass door was forced open and several agents switched on flashlights. Microscopes, surgical tools, and glass containment tanks were strewn about the room. The floor was wet and black. Everything was dark in the room. “Unknown substance. Coating all surfaces. High viscosity.”

The agents nodded amongst themselves. Weapons came up. The squad fanned out in the room. Slowly. Around the edges of the room were several large glass cylinders filled with a green liquid. Each large enough to hold an upright human, or something larger. They moved in pairs, carefully shining light into the cylinders and looked at the radiation detectors anxiously.

“Found the source. Is this our mark?”

On the leftmost monitor a body camera showed one of the glass containers. It had been smashed. The liquid that was previously inside looked like a black syrup that slowly bubbled out. Light shone over the floor around the container where the sludge had pooled up like a black tar. No glass was visible and the agents made no move to sift through the liquid. Instead, one of the youngest team members held the radiation detector as close to the open case as he dared.

“Between 2 and 3, no change.”

Every eye was turned towards the shattered cylinder. Not even the man in the chair noticed when the a dark shaped floated through the glass door. The shape was larger than the profile of a man. Completely silent, as if it didn’t even touch the ground. When it moved past the glass doors they began to melt away. They oozed and steamed as they dripped to the ground. It was then that the radiation detector spiked immediately to 5.

“Move, Move, Move!”

The feeds from the cameras flickered. Visuals started to turn strange colors on the monitors and three of them blipped off.

“Blue Leader, if you can hear me maintain distance. Protocol Door to Door, keep distance and lead it. Red Team will meet you 400 meters north of the main entrance.”

The answer to the rapid radio instructions was silence.



At the start of the game, choose a species other than human as the Cryptain Agents' target. Cryptain Agents roll an additional die when attacking or defending against figures of their target species.


When a Cryptain Agent destroys a figure of its chosen target species, remove that figure from the game and place a grey Containment Marker on this card. A maximum of 3 Containment Markers can be placed on this card.


Instead of attacking with a Cryptain Agent, you may choose an opponent's unique figure of its chosen target species within 4 clear sight spaces and remove a Containment Marker from this card. Until the next time you reveal an Order Marker, all special powers on that figure's Army Card are negated.



[Tricky] Enables Otonashi's Tricky Speed 4.


[Agent] Can be teleported by VALOR Agent Thomas Landis's Warp Blitz.

[Vydar Tricky] Can be moved by Agent Skahen's Covering Fire.

[Vydar Range 4+] Can be boosted by Laglor's Vydar's Range Enhancement Aura.

SYNERGY IMPOSED: Removing figures from the game with Cold Storage can interfere with the following powers:

  • Eldgrim the Viking Champion: [Warrior's Swiftness Spirit 1]

  • Festering Honor Guard: [Motherless Rage]

  • Finn the Viking Champion: [Warrior's Attack Spirit 1

  • Glyph of Sturla: [Revive]

  • Kurrok the Elementalist: [Summon Elemental]

  • Marro Dividers: [Cell Divide]

  • Marro Hive: [Marro Rebirth]

  • Marro Warriors: [Water Clone]

  • Nilsia, Night's Echo: [Howl]

  • Queen Maladrix the Conqueror: [Infestation 9]

  • Revenant's Tome: [Unnatural Revival]

  • Thanos: [Rejected by Death]

  • Thorgrim the Viking Champion: [Warrior's Armor Spirit 1]

  • Zombies of Morindan: [Zombies Rise Again]

  • [VC] Arktos: [Hunter's Aim Spirit]

  • [VC] Ataraxis the Starlich: [Nanobot Soul Cage]

  • [VC] Azazel the Kyrie Warrior: [Rejected by Death]

  • [VC] B-11 Resistance Corps: [To the Last Man]

  • [VC] Bahadur: [Warrior's Melee Attack Spirit]

  • [VC] Ebon Armor: [Animated Materiel]

  • [VC] Manauvi: [Warrior's Charging Spirit]

  • [VC] Nicholas Esenwein: [Bloodborn Rising]

  • [VC] Sentinels of Grax: [Quantum Reconstruction]

  • [VC] Skeletons of Annellintia: [Necromancy]

  • [VC] Tomoe Gozen: [Samurai Life Debt]

  • [VC] Varkaanan Darkclaws: [Wolf Pack]

  • [VC] Varkaanan Greyspears: [Wolf Pack]

  • [VC] Varkaanan Quickblades: [Wolf Pack]

  • [VC] Varkaanan Swiftfangs: [Wolf Pack]

  • [VC] Wildwood Monarch: [Seedling]

  • [VC] Wildwood Runner: [Vigorous Growth]

  • [VC] Wildwood Sentinel: [Verdant Growth]

  • [VC] Xundar: [Shadow Cast]

  • [VC] Zombie Hulk: [Zombie Rises Again]

*Festering Honor Guard can still receive Maladrix's Order Markers as usual, but not the Attack boost. *Human Unique Heroes on this list must be afflicted by Werewolf Lord's Lycanthropy first.


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