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The Book of Ewashia, Mistress of Tides

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Ewashia Mistress of Tides
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The figure used is Cecaelia Queen from Red Clay Collectibles. Print at 100% scale. Large single base.

CONCEPT UNIT: This unit was designed for an as-of-then-released Age of Annihilation figure. Organizers for Heroscape events that allow NGC figures may choose to specify whether Concept Units are legal to play in that event.

Bio: The Sea Does Not Like To Be Restrained

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Age of Annihilation Developer's Notes.

The oceans and rivers of Valhalla were as deadly as any battlefield, and that was before the Dryan Lifeborne Order arrived on the planet. With Dryan Lifeborne Magi as diverse as the various lifeforms of their home planet of Arboreas, it is small wonder that one such as the Mistress of Tides would arrive to unleash the cataclysmic destruction of Valhalla’s oceans upon her enemies.

Capable of drawing upon the elemental powers of water from rivers deep beneath the earth, the Mistress of Tides’ magic is capable of forming localized tsunamis and violent waterspouts to wreak havoc. The Mistress of Tides can become near impossible to harm when using local water sources to mask her form from would-be attackers, making her all the more frustrating to opposing commanders.



After revealing an Order Marker on Ewashia, before taking Ewashia's turn, you may take a turn with a small or medium Beast you control.


Range Special. Attack 3.

Start the game with 3 normal water tiles on this army card. To use Geyser Surge, place a water tile from her Army Card onto any land space within 3 spaces of Ewashia, if it would normally fit onto that space. All figures within 1 space of the placed water tile, and whose base is no more than 10 levels above or below the water tile, are affected by Geyser Surge. Roll 3 attack dice once for all affected figures. Each figure rolls defense dice separately. Ewashia does not need clear sight on any of the affected figures, and is never affected by her own Geyser Surge.


Ewashia does not have to stop her movement when entering a water space. While Ewashia is on a water space, she has no visible Hit Zone and rolls one additional attack die and defense die.



[Wizard] Enables Chana the Zenithwing's Renew 12.

[Beast Small / Medium] Command Familiar can activate the following:

  • Chana the Zenithwing

  • Kita the Springrunner

  • Onshu the Welkineye

  • Asli the Hornrender

  • [VC] Otar


[Wizard] Can be healed by Chana the Zenithwing's Renew 12.

Painting Tutorial

By RogueScaper.


Can I use Geyser Surge if I've already placed all three of Ewashia's water tiles?

Can I place a Geyser Surge water tile on an existing water tile?

Can I place a Geyser Surge water tile beneath a figure?


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