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The Book of Lost Stellanaut

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Lost Stellanaut Cards
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The figure used is Apollo Astronaut from iczfirz. Print at 20% height, 30% width, 30% length. Single base.


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Written by Roguescaper


0400: The spacecraft Optic 6 has reentered the Whenuan atmosphere, crashing in the Third Quadrant. The Optic 6 went missing 67 years ago, as part of the Aidonia Project. Originally launched at the time of the cosmic event “Open Door” 0524-Orange, Optic 6 was commissioned to investigate the outer debris of a recently collapsed star cluster. That mission was a failure, as all contact with the assigned personnel was lost upon immediate entry into the cosmic zone. All visuals indicated destruction of crew and craft, as the Optic 6 had vanished instantly, assumed vaporization.

Recent events now suggest otherwise.

0500: Assigned agents are investigating the crash site. Remains of Optic 6 appear exposed to large bouts or energy. Furthermore, all of the electronics are fried. The black box yields no information, its internals mostly dissolved. No visible survivors.

0600: A spike of radiation has been monitored, and is steadily increasing. Several agents swear they feel “a tangible presence," as if something is hanging over them. No visuals at this time to report.

0700: At the center of the crash is a spike in gamma and UV radiation, followed by a sudden surge of blinding light. As the flash dissipates, a shimmering silhouette appears. The area surrounding this figure bends and splits as if the very air surrounding it is crackling and disrupted. This “apparition” bears resemblance to the Stellanauts, the specialized crew members of the Optic 6. So far there has been no movement, no acknowledgement of a sentient presence. The apparition is immobile and intangible. Increased Safety Measures have been ordered. Further note: When the apparition appears, 3 nearby agents dissolve completely, leaving only liquified solvate as their remains. The current threat level is unknown; further casualties are expected.

0800: A protective border, composed of SK2 High Voltage Emitters, has been placed around the crash site. The Stellanaut now has an increased level of visibility, and appears somewhat translucent. Furthermore, the Stellanaut’s coloration is constantly shifting into different hues: red, blue, green, etc.

0900: Radiation cannot be measured further, as meters are maxed out. Any light that enters the area of the crash site has become disrupted, splitting the light into its base prismatic values. Area is an almost unviewable mess of bright light particulates.

1000: The Stellanaut has now manifested into a mostly material form. Further note: It’s mobile. The Stellanaut does not respond, it does not communicate. It just…walks. With each step, there is a strange visual effect. As soon as the Stellanut’s foot touches the ground, immediately there forms a near endless line of other Stellanauts walking directly behind it, each echo a slightly different color, a near infinite refraction of the spectrum. The Chief Scientist calls this effect “Quantum Entanglement," as this Stellanaut has become entwined in unending and possible, but not fully existent, universes. The working theory is that the radiation of the Stellanaut is so concentrated, it breaks apart light, matter, and even reality on a subatomic level. All of this is unconfirmed until the Stellanaut is contained.

1100: The Stellanaut crosses the defensive barriers. The SK2 Emitters go off, releasing high voltage surges, as is protocol for containing creatures of this make and form. However, the SK2s present no harmful effect on the Stellanaut. The concentrated electricity seemingly activates the intrinsic properties of the Stellanaut. Each quantum echo has manifested into a semi-material form. There are countless Stellanauts now, each a different hue, comprising every color on the spectrum. They are approaching.

1200: Stellanauts have broken through 2 containment units, and are reaching the commander's outpost. The Stellanauts do not appear hostile—largely unaware, almost as if walking in another world that no longer exists. Despite open fire, the Stellanauts do not yield, do not hesitate. These beings are highly dangerous, regardless of their intent. Their presence has caused severe casualties. Barricades are dissolving. They’ve entered, and are continuing onward.




After moving and before attacking, you may roll the d20 for each figure within 2 clear sight spaces of this Lost Stellanaut. If you roll a 16 or higher, that figure receives a wound. If you use Irradiation and do not wound any other figures, this Lost Stellanaut receives a wound.


After revealing an order marker on this Lost Stellanaut and taking its turn, you may take a turn with another Lost Stellanaut you control for each wound marker on this card, then move any number of unrevealed Order Markers from this card to their card(s).


This Lost Stellanaut cannot be wounded or destroyed by terrain tiles or special powers on other Army Cards that are not attacks.



(Undead) Immune to Zombies of Morindan's Zombies Rise Again.

[VC] (Undead) Cannot be replaced by Nicholas Esenwein's Bloodborn Rising.


Synergy Received

[VC] (Undead) Safe from Ataraxis the Starlich's Necrotizing Wormhole. Because of Star Suit, this immunity is only relevant if the Stellanaut is negated.

[VC] (Undead) Empowered by Zombie Hulk's Paralyzing Fear.

[VC] (Unique Hero Medium d20) Irradiation is boosted by Myrddin's Mystic Sacrifice.

[VC] (Vydar Unique Hero Medium) Eligible for Command Courier's Command Dispatch.

SYNERGY IMPOSED: (Undead) Susceptible to Ana Karithon's Turn Undead Special Attack.

(Undead) Susceptible to Holy Symbol of Pelor.

[VC] (Undead) Vulnerable during Van Nessing's Divine Mission.

[VC] (Undead d20) Irradiation is penalized by Van Nessing's Holy Relic.


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