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The Book of Nilsia, Night's Echo

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Nilsia Cards
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The figure used is Werewolf Warrior Female from White Werewolf Tavern. Print at 110% scale. Single base.

Bio: Hunting Fable

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Written by HS Diora

“You hunt alone, you die alone”,

Or so their fable claimed.

No fate, no scroll, no tale told,

Could keep you from your fame.

With crossbow ready in your hand,

Prepared with bolts blessed by the land,

And armor weaved with magic strands,

You smile. You hunt a while.

The whispered winds unveil scent

Of winning hunts, and prey.

Behold, a distant elder's howl:

You mark its last foray.

Your bolt flies true, between the eyes,

And render null the old wolf's cry.

But listen close, and clarify:

That whisper near. That howl, still here.

The howl, the howl! Air afoul!

With scattered red on maws that growl,

All exits turned to death before they're seen!

You search and scour for shelter - here?

Where you feel sound, you see the fear-

A blade strikes true, its edge a guillotine.

The canine pack smells blood to shed!

Nose up, they howl; your world turns red.

Their celebration blinds them, hide in green!

Though weak, you crawl, avoid their glee!

Those bushes there, you're almost free-

The echoed strike brings silence.

With no-one left to listen,

The echoes leave their mission.

With no-one left to fight,

And food claimed by the night,

The hunter wakes to see a blinding light.

Where endless wind meets canine mane,

An endless song declares its claim.

A twin-blade lycan waits by flame,

To call the pack. You hunt new game.



When Nilsia attacks, she may attack one additional time.


Whenever an opponent's figure within 4 clear sight spaces of Nilsia receives one or more wounds from a friendly figure's normal or special attack, roll the d20. If you roll a 16 or higher, you may place one of your previously destroyed common Wolf squad figures on any empty space within 4 clear sight spaces of Nilsia that is not adjacent to any opponent's figures.


Anytime you roll the d20 for a Lycanthrope or Hybrid Hero Army Card, you may add 1 to your die roll for each Wolf you control within 4 clear sight spaces of that Hero, up to a maximum of +4 for United Pack.



[Wolf Common Squad] Howl can respawn Anubian Wolves.

[Wolf Common Squad] Howl can respawn Wolves of Badru.

[Lycanthrope d20] United Pack can boost Werewolf Lord's Moon Frenzy.

[Lycanthrope d20] United Pack can boost Nilsia, Night's Echo's Howl.

[Hybrid d20] United Pack can boost any Unique Hero with a d20 power that has been afflicted by Werewolf Lord's Lycanthropy.

[Relentless] Does not interfere with Knights of Blackgaard's Relentless Army Attack Bonus.


[Lycanthrope d20] Howl can be boosted by Nilsia, Night's Echo's United Pack.

[Darklord] Can be activated by Wolves of Badru's Darklord Bonding.

[Hero Relentless Medium] Can be activated by Death Knights of Valkrill's Unholy Bonding.

[Relentless] Can be boosted by Khosumet the Darklord's Relentless Assault.

[Utgar Medium] Can be protected by Torin's Evil Eye Protection.

[Utgar Unique Hero] Can be activated by Ornak's Red Flag of Fury Aura.


[Wolf] United Pack is boosted by the following:

Anubian Wolves

Khosumet the Darklord

Wolves of Badru




[VC]Varkaanan Blade Dancers

[VC]Varkaanan Darkclaws

[VC]Varkaanan Greyspears

[VC]Varkaanan Quickblades

[VC]Varkaanan Swiftfangs


[Lycanthrope] Vulnerable to Van Nessing's Silver Bolts.


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