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The Book of Slatescale Direworms

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Slatescale Cards
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The figure used is Space Wurms from Print Paint Play. Print at 100% scale. 3x Large Single base.

Bio: It Came From Below

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Written by Alexandros

Trepidatiously, the Grut hunting party made their way along a cliffside overlooking the Valley of Skulls. The air was thick, like gruel, weighed down with humidity from the deadly geysers below. Each step felt heavier than the last. Somnak was tired. He secretly wished for an end to the monotony—but he knew better than to complain. Suddenly, as if to answer his wishes, the ground beneath the party's feet trembled.

"Ack!" Somnak exclaimed. He had stumbled over a rock in his path, kicking a pebble across the cliffside surface.

Yugnak gasped, before Somnak reclaimed his balance. "Be careful, Somnak. Better to be trampled by mammoth, than fall from this height."

"Hah!" Greegok laughed, obnoxiously. Greegok had a habit of making those around him feel… small. Spoken down to. Yugnak suspected that may have been deliberate. "And what would you know about mammoth? So young. Fresh blood, thinks they know it all."

"Just to stay out from over foot, or when riding, not to fall." Yugnak responded, quickly. She had a real wit to her—compared to other Gruts, at least.

"Not much else to it." Somnak observed, seemingly in agreement. There was a moment of silence while the party continued. Yugnak took the time to consider their situation.

“Why are we walking so close to cliffside?” Yugnak queried. “I think risk of fall awful high. Geyser rumbles upset balance.”

“Because, fresh blood,” Greegok sneered “Less sides for danger. No ambush from right flank.”

“But Greegok, if footing isn’t stable, we-”

“Enough,” Greegok barked. “I am leader. I watch many arrogant fresh bloods like you perish under my lead.” Yugnak was not surprised by this, but knew better than to point that out.

“Think they know everything,” Greegok continued. “Know this. Only way you lead this hunting party? Rest of us drop dead.”

Once again, the ground shook beneath them. This time, much more aggressively than before. The party stopped. Yugnak stepped to her left, away from the cliffside.

“Geysers again.” Greegok stated, dismissing Yugnak’s unstated concern. The ground once again rumbled beneath their feet. “Back in format-”

Without warning, the ground beneath Greegok’s feet erupted upwards. Emerging from the freshly broken ground was a serpentine creature, bigger than any worm Somnak or Yugnak had ever seen. It was thin, but incredibly long, rivaling some of the reptilian beasts they had seen on their homeworld. Its blue, plated form ended in a mouth, lined on all sides with razor sharp teeth. Greegok screamed as he was ejected into the hot springs below.

“I’m new boss,” Somnak yelled. “And I say run!”



Instead of moving normally with a Slatescale Direworm, you may immediately place it on any empty non-water space that is within 5 spaces of that Direworm's current location and is no higher than 1 level above that figure's height or 3 levels below that Direworm's base. Direworms do not take leaving engagement attacks during this move. A Direworm that ends this move 4 or more spaces from its previous location cannot use the Undermine special power this turn.


After moving a Slatescale Direworm, you may select an opponent's adjacent small or medium figure and move it 1 space. Figures moved by Undermine never take leaving engagement attacks. A figure may be moved by Undermine only once per turn, and only onto a land space.



[Devourer] Can be boosted by Dumutef Guard's Devourer Attack Enhancement.

[Common Terrifying] Can be boosted by Klatzenskoll Nightwalker's For Whom the Bell Tolls. [VC] [Terrifying] Can take advantage of Ataraxis the Starlich's Terror Enhancement Field.


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