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The Book of "Three-Eyes" Brink

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The figure used is Scavenger Ranger from Station Forge. Print at 100% scale. Single base.

Bio: Three Eyes, Three Lives

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Written by Dandelions.

Red. A life ill-remembered, flashes of lightning beneath smoldering skies. The face of a Mariedian soldier illuminated by distant missile fire, peering from a tunnel mouth. A spark of understanding; that although one had a skull of steel and glass lenses, and one had flesh and eyes and hair, they were the same. Both rebels, castaways scrabbling across the surface of Alpha Prime, desperate to outpace the tide of war, anomalies in the grand order of the Zettian Combine. “You are faulty because your bones are wrapped in flesh instead of iron,” thought Alphacron-8514K. “I am faulty because I still dream of freedom.” The Mariedian soldier was gone from the tunnel the next moment, back into the labyrinthine tunnels, but the Soulborg did not forget, even as the distant bombardment grew near and loud and bright and crimson… Yellow. A pale dawn, glinting on white water. A world of windswept plains and sunset mountains. A golden palace shining with splendor. Voices, speaking welcome and command in the same breath. An undreamt jolt of joy to have escaped that world of steel and order and red fire. A slow, sinking realization that there was still no freedom to be found; he had merely been given a cage of gold instead of one of steel and circuitry. One stern master for another. The gilt crest of one more conqueror. The fire that rains down from the heavens of a new world. Green. Grassy fields flying underfoot, the haze of early morning fog. Shouting from the distance as the alarm is raised that a deserter has fled the encampment. But I am no stranger to running, thought 8514K, and I know by now how to flee from hunters. The sky-skiff that swept across the valley to collect him was painted with odd stripes and letters, and the faces inside with scars. “8514K is no name at all," one said. “Looks like ‘Brink’,” said another. “Three-Eyes,” one joked. But above the clamor spoke the captain. “What would you have me do?” said the Soulborg. “Whatever you want,” she said. “Where are we going to go?” said the Soulborg. “Wherever we want,” she said. “What shall I call you?” said the captain. “Whatever I want,” said the Soulborg, said Three-Eyes, said Brink.



After attacking normally, you may move "Three-Eyes" Brink up to 3 additional spaces, then you may use Cybernetic Swashbuckler Special Attack.


Range 1, Attack 4.

Cybernetic Swashbuckler Special Attack cannot be used on a figure that Brink has previously attacked this turn.


"Three-Eyes" Brink is never attacked when leaving an engagement.



[Soulborg] Empowers Hellforge Mandukor's Feed the Forge 15.


[Pirate] Is eligible for Admiral EJ-1M's Admiral's Orders.

[Pirate] Empowers and can be moved by Admiral EJ-1M's Boarding Party Special Attack.

[Pirate] Can be moved by Crimson Widow's Midnight Raid.

[Hero Pirate] Can be activated by Dreadnauts of New Tortuga's Captain's Orders.

[Pirate] Is buffed by Crimson Widow's Pirate Commander.

[Pirate] Is buffed by First Officer Bok-Bur-Na's Intimidate.

[Soulborg] Is immune to Kee-Mo-Shi's Toxic Skin.

[Hero Pirate] Can be activated by Knaves of the Silver Scimitar's Captain's Orders.

[Soulborg] Is immune to Marrden Hounds' Marro Plague.

[Soulborg] Is immune to Werewolf Lord's Lycanthropy.

[VC] [Soulborg Unique Hero] Is eligible for Beorn Boltcutter's Upgrade.

[VC] [Soulborg] Can be chosen for Executioner 616's Remote Detonation.


[Soulborg] Is susceptible to Omnicron Repulsors' Circuitry Overload.

[Soulborg] Is susceptible to Omnicron Repulsors' EMP Response.

[Soulborg] Is susceptible to Quasatch Hunters' Techno Hatred.

[VC] [Soulborg] Is susceptible to Beorn Boltcutter's Sabotage.

Paint Tutorial

By RogueScaper.


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