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The Book of Vorid Glide Strikers

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custom Heroforge models designed by RogueIdealist. Print at 100% scale. Single base.

CONCEPT UNIT: This unit was designed for an as-of-then-released Age of Annihilation figure. Organizers for Heroscape events that allow NGC figures may choose to specify whether Concept Units are legal to play in that event.

Bio: Wear the Sky Sails

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Age of Annihilation Designer's Notes.

The Vorid Glide Strikers are the Clockwork Combine’s elite light infantry air assault division. Capable of rapid deployment and insertions behind enemy lines, the unit is comprised of all volunteers, who have the fortitude, resolution and training to meet the harsh requirements needed to “wear the sky sails”. Generally considered glory seekers by other Clockwork units, the Vorid Glide Strikers are nonetheless respected by fellow soldiers for their tenacity and feared by enemies for their effectiveness.



Vorid Glide Strikers do not start the game on the battlefield. Before revealing an Order Marker on Vorid Glide Strikers, you may place one Glide Striker from this card that has not been destroyed on an empty space. You cannot place that figure adjacent to other figures, or on Glyphs. The placed figure cannot move normally on their first turn.


When a Vorid Glide Striker rolls defense dice against an attacking figure who is not adjacent, add 1 defense die to the defending Glide Striker.



[Scout] Is accelerated by Venoc Warlord's Scout Leadership.

[Scout] Is strengthened by Brave Arrow's Scout Melee Attack Enhancement.

[Vorid Medium] Can be deployed by Air Marshal Zed Nesbitt's Clockwork Carrier.

[Unique Squad Non-Pirate] Can be chosen for Crimson Widow's Hire Crew.


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